The answer is two! I think. Karen Hart,’s guide to Washington, D.C., travel, Twitters under the name washingtondcist. This was a surprise to Sommer Mathis, editor of popular local blog DCist.

There is some overlap in mission: DCist aggregates mercilessly, excellently, and amusingly, mixes in original reporting about D.C., and has a commenting community that used to make people in this building weep with jealousy.

Hart takes a softer focus approach, since her audience is presumably not too interested in the niceties of curbside collection or a stellar collection of Chien Ming-Wang jokes. Her page tends to work the bejeezus out of details of the upcoming Cherry Blossom Festival, 10 great reasons to visit here, that sort of thing.

But on Twitter, look out! If you write about a D.C. hotel offering curling, Hart is all over that! Georgetown Cupcake’s secret flavor of the day? RETWEETED. I didn’t notice any DCist RTs in Hart’s feed, but I’m sure she wouldn’t be stingy with them. (I have not been able to find this Karen Hart, though I have high hopes for the “Send E-mail” link on her forum. (I will, of course, update if I find her.) “We have over 11,000 Twitter followers to her 350, so if she’s trying to confuse people, she’s not been very successful,” says Mathis. “Still, I’m sure our publishers would prefer she come up with an original name.”