Maroin Barry, Councilmeber Ward 8 During an interview with LL
Maroin Barry, Councilmeber Ward 8 During an interview with LL

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Dear Bruce Johnson:

Congrats on yesterday’s big scoop on WUSA in which you declared that Councilmember Marion Barry and Donna Watts-Brighthaupt are back together (again). This is quite a journalistic accomplishment! Especially considering your incredibly flimsy proof.

Let’s dissect your evidence. You attribute your findings to “people who know them.” At this point, that’s just about everybody in Ward 8. You say that the two arrived together before Robert S. Bennett’s testimony at the Wilson Building last week. I’m not so sure this is true. But using your logic, I’m now dating Dorothy Brizill since we arrived at the Wilson Building entrance at the same time. Mark Plotkin saw us. So there’s proof!

We reported last week that Barry and Watts have spent time together. The most troubling example being the fact that Barry slept over Watts’ house the night before she was to give deposition testimony before Bennett’s team. This still doesn’t mean they have rekindled their old magic.

Except their old magic has been extremely difficult to explain. What we know is this: Barry is still obsessed with Watts. We really can’t say what Watts is doing or not doing with Barry. Maybe she’s just keeping her enemies close. Maybe they both are.

What we can’t say is that there are candle-lit dinners and long walks on the beach in their future.


Jason Cherkis

P.S. File photo by Darrow Montgomery.