Update 2:28: Newsroom rumors are running fierce right now. But it’s tough to nail any sort of confirmation on where the column stands. Will keep pounding.

Update 1:45: Have made several calls to the very top crust of Post newsroom management. No one is responding just yet. Have sent an e-mail and placed a phone call to Marcus Brauchli, exec-editor of the paper and father of the famous Brauchli Doctrine. He’s apparently tied up in meetings till after 4 p.m., which could mean that he’s just really busy or that’s a ruse! to disguise another episode of the Brauchli Doctrine.

A newsroom source at the Washington Post has just confirmed that the very survival of Sally Quinn‘s dreadful column, “The Party,” has been the topic of several high-level discussions at the paper this week. The talks follow a column penned by Quinn last Friday, in which she laid out all the reasons for a wedding-scheduling snafu in her family. The column was a response to some negative stories written about how the date of the wedding of Quinn’s son, Bradlee Quinn Quinn Bradlee, coincided with that of Quinn’s husband’s granddaughter. A decision on the fate of the column has reportedly escalated all the way to Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli. We’re headed there now.

We will have more very soon.