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The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled against six African-American D.C. police officers in their discrimination suit. Their lawsuit alleged that then-Lt. Robert Atcheson had used derogatory language towards them and had singled them out for abuse, denying them overtime and promotions. Legal Times reports:

“Senior Judge A. Raymond Randolph, writing for the panel, held that the officers did not “set forth specific facts showing that there is a genuine issue for trial,” and that the department’s conduct did not violate any contractual obligation between the officers and the city.”

In other words, Judge Randolph is saying that it’s ok for a police supervisor to be an alleged asshole. Washington City Paper reported on Atcheson’s conduct after he got promoted to captain in Feb. 2008. The police department had originally fired Atcheson for his conduct. But then-Chief Charles Ramsey reinstated the official, giving him a 30-day suspension.

Here’s some of what Atcheson allegedly told the six cops:

*“You aren’t shit.…You don’t want me to be on your ass every day, you stupid fuck.”

*he referred to a female captain as a “cunt.”

*he referred to another officer as a “piece of shit.”

*he referred to another cop as “a piece of shit motherfucker.”

The case appears to be over. Another officer had already won a judgement against Atcheson in a separate case. That officer was awarded $225,000, according to Legal Times.

We hear that Atcheson has not changed his ways.