I’m sure LL Daily will have more on this. If Councilmember Marion Barry wants to know how his lame apology is being received, he’s got at least one answer. WaPo’s editorial board is calling for Barry to step down. The board writes:

“It frankly is disgusting to hear Mr. Barry talk, as he did Tuesday, about the needs of his resource-poor community when his main agenda has been his own welfare. He seems not to recognize the connection between the deprivations of Ward 8 and his lack of effective leadership. If Mr. Barry were really sorry, he would realize it is time for him to make way for someone who can deliver. Or, at the very least, to pay back the money wasted on girlfriends and cronies.”

Will the D.C. Council offer as strong a rebuke? Will the residents of Ward 8?

*photo by Darrow Montgomery.