All I’m saying is it would make a great frame for a mystery novel. Local art school announces it won’t be using that extension campus after all, thanks, and is selling it to a family that will turn it into an art museum/boutique hotel. The same educational institution then announces it’s presenting an exhibition of that family’s art collection. And then its director of finance turns up dead and naked on a balcony. What’s that they say about truth being stranger than fiction? That it’s stranger than fiction?

ALSO DEAD: Sally Quinn’s column. Murder? Suicide? If you go to a party, totally bring this up if you hit a conversational “dead” end!

ARLINGTON EDUCATION SYSTEM: THANK YOU MARYLAND: Back in the ’80s, James E. Vandelly, my government teacher at Wakefield High School, told us about the Constitution’s Full Faith and Credit clause. He noted that he and his wife had gotten married somewhere that wasn’t Virginia, and “cohabitated” their way back home. In every state they stopped in, he said, they were legally married, because the Full Faith and Credit clause meant that all states recognized a marriage performed in another. I have always wondered why this wasn’t the case with same-sex marriage, but I have never actually, you know, looked it up. Maryland is not just doing the right thing by recognizing same-sex marriages performed elsewhere, it’s also validating Mr. Vandelly’s legacy! I believe he is also available to play accordion at your reception!

ITALIAN BIKE TOUR TO START IN D.C.! For some reason. UPDATE! MAYBE NOT! (I should have made a call. Bad! Bad!) ALSO: HANDMADE BIKE SHOW IN RICHMOND. Darrow and I were gonna go to this but we totally forgot. It’s probably just as well.