Look, we get it. It’s coming. But we don’t have to be enemies! Last night a couple people in the office (mostly Cherkis) thought up some free branding ideas for the as-yet-to-be-named local site that’s poaching City Paper‘s boss. And here are some riffs on those jokes!

  1. The Allbritton Post. There are pros to this approach, but do you really want people talking about what they read on “AlPo”?
  2. Regardie’s. Also nix suggestions having to do with Riggs, Woody’s, Pinochet, the soldiers at Parkington, or other ’80s D.C. nostalgia.

  3. Metro Current. People will expect PDFs of all news.
  4. Creative Loafing. We tried this and it didn’t work.
  5. Black Plastic Bag. Ditto.
  6. Monday-Sunday Source. Yes, it means much-needed Web revenue from Snider’s Super Foods of Silver Spring. But no one can afford road trips anymore, so there goes, like, half the readership.
  7. Turkey Thicket Extra. City Paper owns this one. Don’t even think about it, or postkiller.com. There is a reasonable chance someone here has registered one of these.
  8. Local Living. Ker-SNOOZE!
  9. NewsChannel 7.5. IMPOSSIBLE to get a decent URL outta this. newschannelsevenpointfive.com? People will fall asleep before they finish typing that one!
  10. Brill’s D.C. Clear-ly, a doomed name for content.