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Rise of the Poodle: A poodle got stuck in a tree. Yes, that’s right: Poodle. Stuck. Tree. The poodle, whose name is Parker, lives in the 1400 block of Manchester Lane NW. Apparently, Parker was in hot pursuit of a raccoon or opossum on Feb. 23 when he scampered up a tree and got stranded, seven feet up.

An Animal Control Officer (ACO) from the D.C. Department of Health arrived at the scene and called the D.C. fire department for some help. Firefighters showed up with, what else, a ladder. The ACO climbed up, got the dog, and a firefighter helped the two down. The uninjured pet was returned to his owners, who said this wasn’t the first time Parker raced up a tree and got stuck.

No Pulse: A caller told Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) on Feb. 23 that a dead dog was rotting in the dumpster of a condo complex in the 2600 block of Bowen Road SE. But when an officer arrived to inspect, all she found was garbage—and a discarded statue of a Saint Bernard.

Bloodshed: There was a dog fight in the 600 block of Hamilton Street NW on Feb. 24. A stray dog was roaming the neighborhood when it encountered two pit bulls. The three canines got into a battle, with the two pits suffering superficial puncture wounds. An animal cop gave the dogs’ owner an official notification requiring that they be examined by a veterinarian. No further information is being provided.

Can’t Help It: On Feb. 23, an animal cop responded to a call about a cat that was peeing indiscriminately in its owner’s home in the 700 block of 26th Street NW. The officer met with the owner and the cat: “The owner explained that she adopted the cat approximately a year ago and the previous owners had the cat treated for urinary crystals.” The officer and the pet owner decided the animal might be inappropriately urinating due to a recurrence of the condition. The owner agreed to take the cat to a vet.

Source: Washington Humane Society

Photo by jinwesst, Creative Commons Attribution License