The D.C. Council is prepared to deliver a sharp rebuke to Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry today, as set out in draft legislation distributed to councilmembers this morning.

A nine-page resolution incorporates the findings of attorney Robert S. Bennett‘s investigative report—-that Barry among other things “violated the public trust, and cast substantial doubt on the integrity of District government”—-in censuring him, removing him as chair of the council housing committee, removing him from his seat on the finance committee, and referring Bennett’s findings to prosecutors.

Accompanying the Barry resolution is a legislative package that establishes a process of “reprimand” and “censure” for future proceedings. (Barry’s censure, done pursuant to Robert’s Rules of Order, will not use that procedure.) Also addressed in the package are the controversial “earmarks”—-grants directed to councilmembers’ pet organizations via the city budget. They will not be abolished, but new rails will be placed on their use—-groups will have to be certified federal nonprofits incorporated for at least three years, among other new requirements.

Barry strolled in to the council’s traditional pre-meeting breakfast this morning traditionally late, and he was mum on his reaction to the censure resolution. He appeared to read it for the first time over eggs, grits, and stewed apples.

LL asked Barry if he’ll be addressing the issue on the council dais later today.

“What do you think?” Barry said.

Dumbest question LL’s ever asked.