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Good morning, good people! It’s Friday!

In this space way back on Wednesday, we mentioned—OK, ranted—about O.J. Simpson‘s “acquittal suit,” which, as part of a ridiculously stupid idea, was being offered as a donation to the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian didn’t want it, because what self-respecting institution would?

The Newseum! According to the Washington Post’s Reliable Source, the museum is “in discussions to obtain” the suit.

Seriously, can’t we just burn it?

In related news, the Los Angeles Police Department has apologized to the family of the late Robert F. Kennedy for exhibiting at a homicide investigators conference the tie, shirt and jacket he was wearing when he was gunned down in 1968. Because, yeah, well, duh.

In other news: how not to run a transit agency;

how to ensure police will come and break up your post-game celebration over the Duke men’s basketball team with pepper spray and billy clubs;

how not to go about obtaining beer from CVS (or anywhere);

how to apologize for shooting someone in the parking lot of a mall; and

how to be like Ezra Klein (if doing 20 blog posts a day doesn’t appeal to you, skip that last one).

Marion Barry turns 74 tomorrow, and he’s planning a quiet celebration. Understandable enough after the week he’s had.

Happy birthday, Mayor for Life! And happy Friday!