Now that Washington City Paper’s resident media critic has departed, someone here’s gotta cap on the InTowner. Hope this fills the void.

Witness the featured story from the InTowner’s March issue, penned by Anthony L. Harvey. It’s a nice piece of neighborhood journalism, albeit written in the ‘Towner’s impossibly verbose house style, about how Mount Pleasant residents are protesting the liquor license for stalwart Salvadoran/Tex-Mex eatery Haydee’s.

The article’s headline refers to Haydee’s as a “Highly Regarded Mt. Pleasant Supper Club Restaurant.” Webster’s New World dictionary defines a supper club as “an intimate, expensive nightclub.”

Now Haydee’s might have live music on occasion, but the home of the $10.95 Fiesta Platter, beloved and highly regarded as it may be, is no supper club.