LL, preeminent chronicler of Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry‘s transportation as he is, has a wheels-related update.

Barry, it seems, has returned the 1997 Mercedes E320 he’d been driving to its owner, the Rev. Anthony Motley. In its place, he has opted for more a spartan whip: He arrived at the John A. Wilson Building this morning is an early-’90s vintage Toyota Corolla.

And, as seems to be fashionable among councilmembers these says, Barry (or its previous driver) has racked up some hefty parking fines. A year ago tomorrow, the car was cited for failure to display current tags—-a fine that now stands at $205. In May, the car was ticketed in a no-standing zone ($105); in September, it was a loading zone (also $105), and a week ago, it picked up a $50 ticket for lacking a current inspection sticker.

The plates on the Corolla, according to Lexis-Nexis, had previously graced Barry’s 1999 BMW 540i—-the car he was driving on July 4 when he was arrested in Anacostia Park for stalking Donna Watts-Brighhaupt.