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Bias Attack: Wielding a pipe, a man allegedly went after two transgender individuals on March 13. Via MPD listserv, Sergeant Carlos Mejia says the two victims were in the area of 14th and Shepherd Streets NW when a suspect decided to club them with metal. He says cops discovered the suspect attacked the victims because of their gender identity. One of the victims sustained injuries from the attack and received medical treatment, he says. The suspect was arrested on the scene.

Though a Fourth District arrest report confirms that a suspect, referred to as D. Melgar, was arrested at the time and place Mejia indicates in his post, the report doesn’t say Melgar was slapped with an assault charge. Instead, it reads that Melgar is being charged with “THREATS (FELONY).” MPD has not yet responded to multiple requests to clarify what charges the alleged assaulter will face.

From D.C.?:The body of Tannessa Victoria Taylor, 19, was found in Patuxent River State Park in Maryland on March 6, and Montgomery County detectives are investigating her death as a homicide.  A turkey hunter who was roaming the park discovered the body around 12:30 p.m., buried in a shallow grave. NBC Washington says Taylor had been involved in prostitution and that she was known as Tasty Cake. Speaking to the Maryland Gazette, Capt. Paul Starks said “police could not confirm Taylor’s address, but a state online court database lists Taylor, who was 19, with an address in Southeast Washington, D.C., in January 2009.”

The Hard Way: A masked man robbing a business in the 2000 block of G Street NW didn’t futz around with a gun. An employee of the establishment told cops the man came in on March 13 around 7:30 p.m., snatched the cash register, and ran out the door. Pursuing him, the employee was able to wrench the register away from the thief, but not before he filched $48. “The suspect is known and a warrant is being applied for their [sic] arrest.”

Yes! We’re Robbing You: Two men (see below) robbed a health food store around 3 p.m. on March 15. Police say the duo produced a handgun and took an unspecified amount of cash from the Yes! Organic Market at 3809 12th St. NE.

A Nice Afternoon: Evidently, even in a rapidly changing District, some city traditions are alive and well—like shooting craps. An MPD listserv poster writes: “Just wanted to bring to your attention some activities taking place in the NE around 1:30 pm today. I was going past Hong Kong Carry Out on East Capitol (near the Car Barn) when I noticed some unusual activity. A group of men were outside the Hong Kong Carry Out playing dice on the sidewalk and exchanging money as they won or lost. One of these men seemed to be smoking marijuana. I would have called 911, but I didn’t have my cell phone.”

An employee who answered the phone at the take-out place declined to give his name but confirms that some customers who frequent the establishment like to shoot dice and gamble outside. He also says the restaurant only gets upset with them when there’s alcohol involved. As for the tobacco and marijuana he suspects they sometimes toke: “We ask them not to smoke inside,” he says.

Actually, I Live Here: Last week, an MPD listserv poster complained that an ominous group of loiterers and alleged drug dealers were holding him hostage at his home in the 300 block of W Street NE, making it impossible for him to, say, have a dinner party—his would-be guests refused to leave their cars after they pulled up. Fifth District Commander Lamar D. Greene tells the Blotter via email that the “loiterers” are just neighborhood kids hanging out and being loud: “The juveniles and young adults that congregate within the 300 block of W street NE are primarily residents and friends of residents who reside on or near W street. Occasionally these individuals will congregate until late hours in the evening conversing loudly and disturbing the block.” Like we said to the complainer last week: Good luck with that.

Source: MPD District listservs, public releases

Photos courtesy of MPD