Alex Chilton is dead. Avoid conversations with middle-aged ex-indie rockers today. We will be morose and more unbearable than usual.

Other stuff happened yesterday:

Mike Shanahan will do great things in Washington. Joe Gibbs says so, and he talks to God (with any luck, he won’t deliver Alex Chilton’s eulogy). To wit: Shanahan’s Skins signed Rex Grossman!

In other D.C. sports weirdness, Elijah Dukes got released by the Nats. Twitter war!

THE CEREAL BOWL IS COMING! Reasons to support this exciting new restaurant:

  1. I have a bowl of cereal with a cut-up banana every morning. Why mess with perfection at lunchtime?
  2. If you have kids, you’ll appreciate the option.
  3. Good fuel-up spot before hitting Supercuts.
  4. It’ll drive many people you know coconuts if you pretend to be psyched about it.

JIM GRAHAM wants to stop employers from running credit checks on most potential hires. Companies that favor such checks, such as the one I work for, argue that they help weed out unreliable people. Kind of like subprime mortgages did? ALSO: More effective than a Google search?

IF THERE’S A GOD, why did he take Alex Chilton and leave us with Ken Cuccinelli? If you had any qualms about RoVa losing ground to NoVa, Cuccinelli will put your mind at ease. Idiot birther homophobes will always be ready to govern. The Virginia attorney general is just concerned about the law—-and the pressing problem of people not getting discriminated against. You gotta prioritize, I guess. And if his next priority makes Tea Partiers curl their toes in pleasure, that’s just lagniappe.

WARRIOR PRIDE The principal of my alma mater is leaving. Jay Mathews has a nice tribute.