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Prosecutors want Gilbert Arenas to spend some time in the pen. They also want the Washington Wizards guard slapped with three years probation and 300 hours of community service when he faces sentencing at the end of this week.

According to a recommendation submitted in District Superior Court today, prosecutors think Arenas should face those consequences for his firearm antics at the Verizon Center for multiple reasons, among them:

Contrary to the defendant’s claim, his conduct was not a laughing matter;

The defendant feigns ignorance of the law, which is plainly untrue, and is an effort to mitigate the significance of his actions;

The defendant’s conduct since the time of the incident establishes that he has shown little remorse for anything other than how this incident may affect his career;

Prosecutors also believe Arenas should serve time because, if he doesn’t, others will think it’s open season: “…[F]rom a general deterrence perspective, to sentence the defendant to merely probation with community service sends the wrong message and is at odds with the clear message of the City Council concerning the seriousness and danger presented by those who illegally carry firearm in the District of Columbia, let alone four firearms.”

The defense’s retort? That stuff doesn’t matter. Reason No. 1: Arenas is a nice guy, if something less than perfect. A memo submitted to the Superior Court on behalf of the player reads:

“Like any person, Mr. Arenas has a multi-faceted personality that has both strengths and faults. A fair assessment reveals, however, that Mr. Arenas is a man with an abundance of admirable character traits. He is a genuinely caring person, he has long devoted himself to serving the community and others, and despite a history of pranks and misguided practical jokes,he is a peaceful man who is not aggressive or confrontational in any way.”