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Well, our new Web site has been live for more than 24 hours now—plenty of time for you to have decided what you like, what you hate, and what you really, really hate. So let us know. We might even listen!

Are you excited for our Best of D.C. 2010 issue, out in print tomorrow? Pick it up, it’s the best! In it, you will learn much more than just where to go for the Best Burger, the Best Barbecue, and the Best Wine List. You’ll also find out the Best Dandy (no, it’s not you), the Best Edible Cold Remedy, and, according to the Readers Poll, the Best Place to Smoke Weed.

Speaking of weed, get ready to grow some! D.C. Councilmember Phil Mendelson says a provision that would allow “home cultivation” is under discussion and could be added to David Catania‘s medical marijuana legislation. You could get five or six plants! I mean, there’s rules and everything, but still.

As the Washington Post points out this morning, a lot is at stake in how the city sets up the whole program, which will likely center around five (or some other number of) dispensaries. Luckily, there are lots of people with experience willing to help: like a “Netherlands company offering indoor-growing technology” and a “California dispensary proposing a new franchise.”

(Could you go wrong with either one? Advice, Mike Riggs?)

More from the Post:

Council members are looking to the 14 states where the use of medical marijuana is legal for answers. Steph Sherer, executive director of Americans for Safe Access, which supports legalizing pot for medical reasons, said that once policymakers become more familiar with regulating marijuana dispensaries, it becomes a routine part of governing.

“It’s a boring clinic. It just maybe smells different than anything you’ve been in before,” said Sherer, a D.C. resident who uses a marijuana spray four times a day for neck spasms.

That’s actually what the clinics are going to be called: Boring Pot Clinic No. 1, Boring Pot Clinic No. 2, Boring Pot Clinic No. 3, etc.

In other non-pot-related local news, a flasher (description: white male) has been exposing himself to women on the Washington & Old Dominion bike trail. It’s happened at least 11 times since January.

Speaking of white males, Joe Biden got really, really excited at the East Room signing ceremony for the healthcare bill yesterday. Barack Obama said things like:

“Our presence here today is remarkable and improbable. It has been easy at times to doubt our ability to do such a big thing, such a complicated thing. It’s easy to succumb to the sense of cynicism of what’s possible in this country.”

Biden, not realizing he was being picked up on a mike, said simply: “This is a big fucking deal.”

Happy hump day.

Photo by ElPablo!, Creative Commons Attribution License