The memo Wizards star Gilbert Arenas‘ attorney submitted to D.C. Superior Court yesterday—pointing out exactly why his client doesn’t deserve jail time at sentencing on Friday—brings up something odd in hopes of making the when-Arenas-brought-four-guns-to-the-Verizon-Center-he-was-only-joshing argument: Gazo the Pranksta.

The Pranksta, a cartoon character based on the mischievous side of Arenas, was supposed to be the star of an animated series depicting the player’s high school years—but that didn’t happen. Instead, the character is now being used to suggest that Arenas brought firepower to a professional basketball locker room because he’s silly.

Arenas isn’t violent, the defense offers: “He does, however, have a record of engaging in pranks that can go much too far. Many have remarked over the years about his ‘unorthodox sense of humor,’ including the penchant for pranks and practical jokes that was so well known that a marketing company created a cartoon alter ego for Mr. Arenas called ‘The Pransksta.'”

Included in the memo is a letter to Judge Robert Morin from Timothy Law of  marketing company Mbox Communications, which created the ‘toon. In it, Law says that, when hanging out with Arenas, “we were so impacted by his spirited behavior, that we concepted and developed the cartoon alter ego ‘the Pranksta’ as we knew he so strongly identified with this part of his personality.”

If that argument doesn’t win out, doesn’t the Pranksta sound like a cool prison nickname?