Petula Dvorak thinks Erik Wemple‘s “criticism of [her] ‘mommy track columnizing'” in this week’s Best of D.C. issue “illuminates one of the deep cultural rifts of our time.”

“I get it if Wemple doesn’t want to read about my kids,” Dvorak writes. “That’s fine. Lots of readers also don’t want to hear about homeless teens when I write about them, either.”

Dvorak casts Wemple’s blurb as an assault on the very act of writing about children.

“The fact is,” she writes, “the business of raising humans is an inextricable part of our daily world, whether we’re parents or not. And, too often, we shun writing or even talking about it because our workplace culture doesn’t want to hear that every coin has two sides. “

I don’t think Wemple’s point is that she shouldn’t write about her kids. His point is she’s not that great at it. But you read the item and decide. The Post, of course, doesn’t provide a link to the piece she’s writing about.