Because of a carelessly placed rubber band, a Rottweiler puppy had to have its leg amputated. The Washington Humane Society is investigating.

On March 16, D.C. police called in Humane Society cops after discovering three allegedly abused Rottweiler pups in the 600 block of Allison Street NW.  According to a Humane Society press release, the dogs are in horrible shape:

“Two of the puppies suffered from wounds around their necks caused by collars that had grown too tight and a third dog had a rubber band embedded in one leg.  The rubber band had become so deeply embedded that the portion of the leg below the band was necrotic and paralyzed. At the Medical Center, veterinarians treated the neck wounds on the two dogs and a surgeon amputated the other puppy’s leg, which could not be saved.”

“We are determined to find whoever is responsible for this heartless act and bring them to justice,” says the Humane Society’s Lisa LaFontaine.

Two of the puppies have already found new homes, but the one with the amputated leg won’t be put up for adoption until he’s healed.