Sam Bradford, a Cherokee quarterback from Oklahoma, may become a Redskin. Tom Boswell loves this prospect. Some others don’t. Is this really the conversation we need to be having in this country right now, especially when Chief Zee is facing retirement? And while we’re at it, was Beattie Feathers a real name?

Has all this pope/Sinéad O’Connor stuff made anyone else curious as to whether The Lion and the Cobra (released the year Sam Bradford was born, oy) still holds up? I couldn’t find my copy last night and am torn between spending $8 for it or maybe just opting for her greatest hits, which is only $5 and has the songs I’d want anyway. But buying a best of seems…lame.

UNLESS IT’S FREE, LIKE OURS. And in that issue Washington City Paper continues its obsession with Kennedy Street NW, with a Mike Riggs breakout in the Goods & Services section that does not appear to have made the leap to the Web. Good thing DC Mud has the story about a “smelly, gray, leaking liquid” oozing from the former site of a building on the 800 block.

PROPS TO THE POST. Clarence Williams, Keith L. Alexander, and Paul Duggan‘s piece about the Southeast shootings is a must-read. Fenty got booed at a vigil! Tom Jackman continues to rule the Dirk Smiler coverage (Fischer, that’ll teach you to go on vacation). Among yesterday’s value-added weirdnesses: Cara Cottle, Smiler’s girlfriend who is charged with killing him, worked for conservative activist Richard Viguerie. Peter D. Greenspun, Cottle’s lawyer, would not tell Jackman whether Viguerie was paying for Cottle’s defense. (As usual, the comments are a world unto themselves, with goths and trolls debating the mechanics of “chocking.”) ONE MORE! David Malitz dug up David Mills‘ 1992 Sister Souljah profile. You know, that one.

TWO DAYS TILL IPAD! Is it gonna rule? It’s so gonna rule!