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Stand by for budget tweets from Loose Lips: Council briefing set to begin at 9:45

Fenty, Gandhi, and Gray are all here. Fenty and Gray shared a quick hug. Now small talk.

MPD ‘fully funded’ for 4069 cops

‘The budget today will be changed by the council,’ says Fenty. Quips Gray, ‘not necessarily’

$11B in total spending, but 2.7 percent cut in local funds. ‘More with less’ says Fenty.

Fenty: ‘In key areas services will improve’

$22.7M for summer jobs in 2011

Neil Albert now talking. ‘We started out with a huge gap.’ $5.27B spent in local funds
Catanis, Bowser, Evans, Nickles, M Brown, Mendo, Wells, and budget chief Merav Bushlin also at table.

Per student funding formula rises to $8945 in 11

UDC subsidy ‘fully’ funded at $62M—FY10 level

FEMS seeing 4 percent hike; $7M for E911—expect another tax hike, Phil

$26.25 for Housing First, goal is 956 individuals in HF by Oct 2011

$7.23M to DYRS for ‘detention alternatives’

$7.4M for emergency rental assistance

Fenty proposes 10 week summer jobs program; council cut to six weeks this year

$9.8M to expand HPAP—uses $6.5M in stim funds

Marion Barry saunters in 17 mins late

$2.6M in revenue anticipated from bag fee, $4.1M total for river cleanup

DDOT projects for 11: se/sw freeway repaving, ny ave bridge replacement, Dupont streetscape

Headline: Fenty wants to freeze automatic pay increases

Proposed merger of Employee Appeals, PERB and Admin Hearings to save $1.9

City is caneling $500K mpd pager contract. ‘Yes there are still pagers,’ says Albert

Employee parking subsidies are being cut at 10 agencies, saving $10M

Albert says Fenty budget plans to spend $97M in fund balance. Do we have that much left???

385 jobs cut

Parking meter rates up from $.75 per hour to $1; RPPs would go from $15 to $25

‘Debt restructuring’ to save $97M. Means refinancing the mortgage to lower payments now. Pay more later!

Total spending cuts are $34M

Now question time. Catania sees addl savings from healthcare reform, reducing Alliance rolls

Attn charter school folks: Facilities allowance is set at $2,800

Office of Partnerships and Grants would disappear, rolled into city admin’s office

‘I think theres probably a small group of things we don’t agree on,’ says Fenty. Let’s talk about what we DO agree on!

Hazardous waste collections would go from weekly to monthly under Fenty plan.

Barry makes good point: much is spent on summer jobs for kids, but not much for adult training

City real estate dept to create ‘Energy Maanagement Unit’ to reduce city energy use

‘Renegotiating contracts with District’s 10 largest vendors’. No estimate of savings.

Barry wraps up speechifying. Now Graham. ‘I kind of hate to follow that’ he says.

Graham wants to know about Metro subsidy, whether there will be addl funds to prevent service cuts.

Says Md felching on capital money helps dc out ‘but it doesn’t redound to the benefit of the system’

Graham says he will work in committee to up Metro subsidy

Now Evans. Wants to know about 5 year financial plan. That’s our jack!

Evans says every time he goes to eat, restaurant owners complain to him about parking fees

‘We ought to take a look at what we’re doing’. Is OK with rise, but conc w timing

Evans wants to know if $22M is enough for 10 wk SYEP. ‘Depends on how the program’s structured’ says bushlin.

WaPo pwn! Early report that Tenant Advocate would be cut is false says Albert.

$100M in fund balance spending is a big issue.

Wells asks if teacher raises are funded. Albert simply notes rise in per student formula.

As far as FTE cuts, Albert won’t say how many of 385 are vacant vs. now filled.

Yvette presses Albert on what he’s doing to make realistic projections, to prevent overspending.

Cheh just arriving.

Gray pressing on special ed tuition costs, Fenty budget adds about $30M.

No mention of local funding for vouchers, for the record.

Nickles is optimistic that DC will have special ed transport in its control by June.

Gray: How do we increase DCPS and transportation etc., and still cut local funds by almost 3 percent.

Some debate over whether UDC subsidy is ‘fully funded’.

Gray: ‘you read this budget and it sounds like everythings great, and everything is not great.’

‘We’re talking about some very significant changes and I’m trying to understand what they are.’

Gray hammering on increases to education funding. Interesting perspective for a mayoral candidate.

Fenty declines to say where exactly the big cuts are being made. Says read the budget books (forthcoming).

Gandhi has certified the budget.

Barry botches the figure illustrating gap bw median white and black incomes. Says whites avg ‘108 million’ a year.

Big laughs! Harry thomas says, ‘I’m moving in w Jack!’

Fenty to Barry: ‘Don’t interrupt.’

He then gives Barry the talk-to-the-hand.

Fenty tells Barry, in essence: You want more money for UDC? You find it.

Barry asks Bushlin what her name is.

Keep in mind that all Barry can do this year is talk. Without a committee, can’t move money himself

Last question from Gray: pre K funding? Fenty says it’s there

Last last question: on disparity b/w dcps and charter per student funding. Gray wants to know if addressed

Fenty expects to raise $28M from increased traffic fines

Now outside for presser

Save Our Safety Net protests, standing in front of cameras. Fenty talks right over them.

Big fight possible over new $25M tax on hospitals’ net patient revenue. Bob Malson from Hosp assn is here

$16.1M in various fee increases

There is indeed a 911 fee proposal. Would hit every phone bill in city

$3.1M anticipated from fees for steel plates on roadways

$920K from addl fee on business licenses and public space permits

$750K in revenue from ‘assessments’ (read:tax) on title insurance producers

$750K hike in health dept fees

‘Its a difficult year and there will be difficult choices’ says evans

Catania estimates that 20 to 25K DC residents will get soon better health care thanks to #hcr. Much cheaper for city too

Perhaps most embarrasing correx ever: when LL wrote ‘felching’ earlier he meant ‘welching’

Ahem. LL is informed by @pecksniffiana that ‘welching’ is also inappropriate, offensive to Welshmen. Apologies.