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It all started when Bootsie took off his bracelet.

Charged with first-degree murder, Nathaniel Simms, 26, and Orlando Carter, 20, were arraigned at the D.C. Superior Court Wednesday evening in connection with the deadliest neighborhood violence in a decade and a half: a shooting Tuesday night in the 4000 block of South Capitol Street SE that left four people dead and five wounded. Held without bond, the accused murderers will return to court on April 15. Prosecutors believe Simms, Carter, and a 14-year-old the Examiner names as Malik Carter— younger brother to Orlando— are responsible for spraying the nine victims with an AK-47, a .45, and a 9-millimeter. Cops are seeking a fourth suspect.

The story begins last weekend. According to court documents, a witness was visiting with a man known as Bootsie on the night of March 21, when Bootsie took off his shirt and placed his “gold colored” bracelet on the steps of a home in the the 1300 block of Alabama Avenue SE. Bootsie started flexing his muscles. At some point, perhaps tiring of showing off his physique, Bootsie went inside. He didn’t come out for a while, which gave the witness ample time to steal his bracelet. So the witness did.

The witness identifies Bootsie as Sanquan Carter, 19, the brother of Orlando Carter.

Eventually, Carter noticed his bracelet was missing, and started yelling. When his brother showed up, looking for the jewelry, the two decided to frisk people at gunpoint. According to a witness, that scene somehow degenerated into Orlando Carter firing the AK. Jordan Howe, who had been hanging out with Orlando Carter earlier in the evening, was killed.

On March 23, Sanquan Carter was arrested and detained for Howe’s murder. As you’ve probably read, police had wanted to arrest Orlando Carter for the murder as well but couldn’t get a warrant for lack of an eyewitness.

Free, but not safe, someone who liked Howe  may have come after Orlando Carter the same day his brother was cuffed. Carter was shot in the shoulder and head, and was treated at Washington Hospital Center.

Sources say the crowd of 10 to 15 people Carter and crew allegedly fired at on South Capitol SE had gathered together following Howe’s funeral. Some believe the slayings were retaliation for Carter having been shot.

So where’s the bracelet Bootsie was looking for? Court documents say that the witness who took the bracelet got a phone call telling the witness Howe had been shot because of the missing jewelry.  Sometime after that the witness turned the bracelet over to police.