The police aren’t releasing the name of the cyclist who was struck at Sherman Avenue and Euclid Street NW this morning. A spokesperson for NBC4 says that a photographer in one of the station’s SUVs was heading down Sherman—he declined to give a name—when a cyclist ran a red light and collided with the car. The bike had no brakes, the spokesperson says, and the cyclist wasn’t wearing a helmet. An eyewitness to the accident didn’t say anything about brakes but told me essentially the same thing—no helmet, ran a light. The photographer, the spokesperson says, is “pretty shaken up.”

TheWashCycle has more on an April 8 meeting to discuss the Sherman Avenue redesign, which is planned to make the artery more bike-friendly. I’m trying to track down the cyclist to get his or her side of this. My e-mail address is at the bottom of this post.