On WAMU-FM’s Politics Hour this afternoon, LL asked D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray what would happen in the first 100 days of a Gray mayoralty. His response:

“I think that is very premature…We need to get through an election, we need to get through a transition, we need to get through the appointments process, and then we will establish what we will do.”

Asked for three policy goals, Gray said: “I’m a planner!…I will look at the first 100 days and the entire four years as a part of my planning experience and my planning background. And, you know what, we’ll do that in concert with people. This campaign will elucidate the concerns of people. This campaign will raise issues that I think will substantially inform additionally what a Gray administration will do.”

Thanks to WAMU and Kojo Nnamdi for having LL on and shooting the video.