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According to court documents, the names of the suspects arrested for a shooting that took place at 17th and Euclid Streets NW last week, which seemingly targeted people sitting on a well-known stoop there, are Daniel Martin and Derek Brawner. Brawner was incorrectly identified as Derrick Warner in an email Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham sent to constituents about the shooting on April 2nd.

Police believe Martin and Brawner committed a drive-by while riding a blue moped. Charging documents say Martin and Brawner were caught on camera:”The Video showed one male driving [the scooter] and the other male riding on the back with his arm raised apparently doing the shooting towards 1701 Euclid Street N.W.”  Interestingly, that evidence isn’t taken from the D.C. police crime-camera located just across the street from the stoop. It’s from a camera attached to Cupid Cleaners—a business nearby. It makes sense that a camera at the cleaners would catch something. Interviewed the day of the shooting, a person working there said she’d heard shots.

Cops haven’t yet responded to an inquiry regarding what the crime-camera picked up. But one wonders if the camera ended up being useless.

Another potential technical glitch? MPD had one of the suspects on GPS monitoring. But while the tracking device places the suspect at the scene around the time of the shooting, it records him as traveling eastbound on Euclid Street, while the shooters traveled westbound.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery