Authorities say Metrobus driver Shawn Todd, 31, while operating a D-12 bus on 9th and Southern Avenue SE, stopped to have a little fun. Court documents allege Todd, who was arrested on Saturday for sexual solicitation, attempted to pick up an undercover cop he thought was a prostitute. Todd allegedly had the following conversation with the undercover officer from his Metrobus perch:

Todd:Hey(yelling out the bus)

undercover cop:Hold on, I have to cross the street.

Todd:(Waits inside the bus.)

undercover cop:What’s up?

Todd:What you doing?

undercover cop:Working, trying to make that money.

Todd:Oh really?

undercover cop:Yeah, so what’s up?

Todd: Oh, so you working?

undercover cop:Yeah.

Todd:Yeah, so what’s up, I wanna talk.

undercover cop:You wanna talk, yeah.

Todd:Get on the bus.

undercover cop:Okay, when I get on, then what?

Todd:I bring you back.

undercover cop:Oh really, what you want?

Todd:You want some head?

undercover cop:Yeah.


undercover cop: Okay, $25.00.

Todd:I gotta go to the bank.

undercover cop:Well, what you got?

Todd:I want to fuck.

Todd, who has a record—including a felony conviction from 2004—may be in trouble with more than the law. A background check lists him as being married.

At his arraignment today, Todd pleaded not guilty, and has been released pending further court appearances. He’s also been ordered to stay away from 9th and Southern Avenue SE with the exception of when he drives his bus route.