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On Sunday night, I called my brother with the news that the Redskins had traded for Eagles QB Donovan McNabb. We both laughed. Yesterday, we talked again and my brother admitted that he thought I had tried to play a late April Fool’s joke on him. But this is no joke: This is a Dan Snyder tradition. It apparently does not matter who he installs as head coach. The Redskins will still make fools of themselves in the off season trading for washed-up stars from rival teams.

The Snyder transaction is not complete without at least one local sports columnist falling for it. Yesterday, WaPo’s Michael Wilbon declared McNabb “the best fit” for the Skins. So how is an aging, often-injured quarterback dropping back behind a weak offensive line throwing to weak bunch wide receivers a perfect fit?

Thankfully, WaPo’s Mike Wise doesn’t drink the Kool-Aid. In today’s column, Wise—unlike Wilbon—doesn’t have to issue a full-disclosure about his personal friendship with the aging QB. He just rips the Redskins for this ridiculous move.

Wise writes:

“But before everyone congratulates the new brain trust for essentially doing what the old brain trust did — procuring some other town’s star instead of developing its own — answer two questions:

Does anyone believe the Washington Redskins are poised to win the Super Bowl next season? What about 2012?

No and no.

If you agree with that assessment and do not live in denial or Ashburn, any well-argued case for acquiring McNabb just went out the window.

Offseason champions again? Of course. That’s how we roll here.”


What does this all mean? It means the Redskins are still the biggest team in town. It means no one will be talking about the Nats’ 11-1 Opening Day loss to the Phillies. We will be talking about McNabb for the rest of the year.