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The Washington Humane Society says a Maryland man who allegedly let a black-and-white pit bull named Shelly teeter on the brink of starvation, has been arrested. Gurdip Singh, who turned himself in to the Fifth District police station on April 2, has been charged with animal cruelty.

According to documents attached to the warrant for his arrest, Singh kept Shelly and another dog—a black Labrador called Skee-bo—at a business he owns at 1911 New York Ave. NE. There, on Singh’s car lot, the dogs apparently lived in a large pen covered in feces and trash. There were three doghouses on hand, documents say, but only one was intact.

Still, if the environment was bad, Shelly’s health seems to have been worse. At 29 pounds, the dog was emaciated, and had an infected eye and muscle atrophy—and was missing teeth. Shelly also had a hard time standing. She was later diagnosed with a heart murmur.

Singh allegedly explained the dog’s condition by saying Skee-bo sometimes fought with her and didn’t let her eat. He also allegedly said he hadn’t taken Shelly to a veterinarian because he’d misplaced her vet’s contact info.

Singh has been released pending further court appearances; he could face 180 days in jail and/or a $250  fine.

“We are pleased that Mr. Singh quickly turned himself in to MPD,” says Scott Giacoppo of the Humane Society. “WHS would have pursued his arrest relentlessly had he not recognized the seriousness of his crimes.”

If you’re wondering about Shelly’s condition, the Washington Humane Society says she’s gone: “Because the dog was raised under poor conditions, she had an aggressive temperament and was not adoptable. Sadly WHS was forced to euthanize the dog.”

Photo courtesy of MPD