The Dog’s Life: On April 2, at the Fifth District police station, Gurdip Singh was arrested on charges of animal abuse. The dog Singh is accused of abusing, named Shelly, suffered everything from a heart murmur to lost teeth.

Owner Versus Dog: A German Shepherd was taken away from an allegedly abusive owner. On March 31, the Washington Humane Society received a report of a dog being beaten. Arriving at a home in the 1500 block of 41st Street, a Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) officer found the dog in the front yard, bleeding from one ear and a paw. The dog’s owner claimed the canine lunged at her, and that she hit the dog in self-defense. The pet was impounded, and, because of behavioral issues, put to sleep.

Hey, How About Unlocking the Cage Before You Go: Two pet parakeets were left behind in an apartment in the 3100 block of Newton Street when the tenants moved out. HLE  discovered the birds, which were left in a filthy cage with no food, on April 6. They are currently up for adoption.

Hot Weather: HLE says it has reason to believe a young pit bull living in the 1400 block of Butler Street SE died of heat stroke. The dead dog, turned over to the Humane Society on April 7, was transported to a forensic veterinary specialist, who will investigate the cause of death.

Source: Washington Humane Society

Photo by TheDeliciousLife, Creative Commons Attribution License