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How is the Nuclear Security Summit inconveniencing you today? WaPo says District residents are in for “a rare and challenging experience” trying to commute. The Post also found a heartbreaking story of a resident inside the security perimeter who isn’t sure how he’s going to get his dialysis during the summit:

Harry Moore, 70, receives dialysis three times a week. A Washington Elderly Handicapped Transportation Service van usually picks him up outside his N Street home. His next treatment is Monday, when N Street will be closed. Moore said he hadn’t heard anything about alternative pickup arrangements.

“I’m hoping they’re going to be able to come,” he said.

If you aren’t imagining a feel-good tale where lost delegates from Iran take Moore to his dialysis in their limo, there’s no hope for you.

Speaking of causing disruptions, how about the Nationals? After crushing the Mets 5-2 Sunday and stopping a rally on Saturday, the Nationals are starting to look like a team worth rooting for.

It’s the best time to start being a Nats fan. I bet the fan events are sparsely attended, which means a better deal for people who actually do go. When the Nationals finally make a run for the pennant in 30 years, the out-of-town media outlets will interview you as the die-hard who never lost hope.

Of course, there’s also reason to lose hope with the Nationals, and the top one is that pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg might be limited by the team to playing just 100 innings this year. It’s like the Nationals planned Teddy’s long losing streak as a metaphor for their own team.