Campus Safety: Two students reported sexual assaults last week. One occurred in a Georgetown University dorm on April 9. Campus police issued an alert detailing what happened:

“The complainant had left her room and was walking downstairs toward the basement. As the complainant was heading downstairs, an unknown male followed her and said to her ‘Hey girl.’

The suspect then grabbed her from behind, pushed her against the wall, put one hand over her mouth and the other up her shirt. The complainant pushed the suspect and ran out the back door toward the Davis Performing Arts Center. The suspect left in an unknown direction.”

The other alleged assault occured near George Washington University. The G.W. Hatchet says that campus police informed students that on April 10, around 4 a.m. “near the Foggy Bottom Metro, a female student reported that she gave a male subject directions, and he followed her to Washington Circle, pulled her into the park and tried to kiss her. When she refused, he became angry with her and forced her to touch his genitals. He fled the area in a yellow cab.”

Crime Fighters: Citizen crime fighting group the Guardian Angels have been stepping up patrols in Washington Highlands, where nine people were gunned down last month. A patrol log entered by Guardian Angel Ed Cotter tells how things went down in that area on April 10.

“0100 hours, the Guardian Angels arrived in Anacostia. It was me, Shaggy, Lawman, Bulldog, Skyler, and a few new members. Bulldog had to go home. For about 20 minutes we waited for the bus.”

The bus finally arrived, and the crew hopped off at Martin Luther King Street to begin their patrol. After pleasantly talking with some community members and untangling a swing set, they passed the spot where four were slain and five wounded. “Teddy Bears are up in memory,” writes Cotter.

Cotter says everything went well for the patrol, at least, until it was time to go: “While waiting for the bus, one car of youth apparently drove past and flipped the middle finger at us.”

I Got Drunk and Stole What?: Arlington police officers say that on April 10, at approximately 3:20 a.m., David Catalano, 25, of Fairfax, was seen stealing a Dominion utility truck. Dominion, an energy company, supplies electricity to Virginia residents. An apparently inebriated Catalano crashed the vehicle and fled. Cops caught up with Catalano and arrested him.  He’s been charged with driving while intoxicated, grand larceny of an automobile, and hit and run.

Source: MPD District listservs and public releases, Montgomery County Police Department public releases, Arlington Police Department public releases