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Another sign that campaign season is well underway: A D.C. Council candidate says he’s been victimized by political dirty tricks.

In the above YouTube video, candidate Delano Hunter, who is challenging incumbent Harry Thomas Jr. in Ward 5, says that his signs have been damaged and stolen—-evidence of the “dirty politics that continue to distract from addressing meaningful issues within our ward.”

Hunter, in the video, says more than 100 of his signs were destroyed at Rhode Island and South Dakota Avenues NE, and that supporters have had signs “ripped from their homes in the middle of the night.

At one point, he holds up a sign that appears to be torn and riddled with bulletholes.

Hunter makes no specific accusation in the video as to who is responsible, but he says, “We are calling on Councilmember Thomas to denounce these actions.”

Which he did: “Absolutely I denounce any behavior like that,” Thomas tells LL this afternoon.

He notes that during his last campaign, in 2006, he issued a release calling for clean campaigning after a similar rash of sign vandalism.

Thomas notes he put up 600 of his own signs this weekend. “I stand on my record,” he says. “We’re just gonna outwork those guys.”