Mace-Off: On April 8, a caller tipped off Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) to alleged dog fighting on the 1900 block of Naylor Road SE. When an officer arrived, he discovered that wasn’t exactly the case. Though two dogs were locked in combat, the situation was entirely accidental. A dog had escaped from a yard and attacked another dog being walked by its owner. Arriving on the scene, an MPD officer attempted to break-up the melee by spraying both canines with mace. That didn’t work out. One of the dogs, the escaped one, charged at the cop. The cop shot at the dog. Though the officer missed, the pooch was so frightened it ran home. Both animals were later taken to the vet.

Nocturnal Animal: On April 12, the Humane Society received word that three cats and one dog had been abandoned  in a home on the 1200 block of Stevens Road SE. An animal cop investigated but  found the pets hadn’t been discarded. The owner of the animals just worked nights.

All Dogs Go To Heaven: An HLE officer was called to the 400 block of 15th Street NE regarding a dead dog. When the officer arrived, she found a deceased pit bull in an unsanitary wire cage. The body of the dog appeared to be emaciated. The carcass has been transported to a forensic veterinarian and the Humane Society is investigating.

Source: Washington Humane Society