The U.S. Secret Service has reportedly joined the investigation into yesterday’s mugging of actor and Obama Administration employee Kal Penn — but the feds have “not taken over the case,” a police spokesperson tells City Desk.

“The Metropolitan Police Department is the lead investigative agency handling the robbery,” writes Lt. Nicholas Breul in an email. “The U.S. Secret Service is aware of the investigation, but the D.C. Detectives are following up on the case.”

Breul described the feds’ role as “monitoring …but MPD is conducting the investigation and following any leads.”

Penn, star of the Harold & Kumar movie franchise, was accosted yesterday morning in the 1500 block of S Street NW.

According to, “the bad guy didn’t just take Penn’s wallet, the perp also made off with Kal’s two cell phones — one of which belongs to the U.S. government.”