The site of a bungled robbery that kicked off one of the worst shooting sprees in D.C. history was the scene of yet more gunplay yesterday Friday.

An adult male was shot inside the Wingate Apartments in Washington Highlands, according to police. The victim is stable.

Cops say the  man suspected of pulling the trigger is known, and a warrant is being issued for his arrest. Investigators believe the suspect shot the victim because of an “argument over a girl.”

Yesterday’s Friday’s incident recalled the earlier shooting of Tavon Nelson, 17, at the Wingate, back on March 30.

According to court documents, Nelson was the first of nine people shot that night in what police believe was an attempt to settle a score regarding an earlier shooting.

Documents say his assailants, who had plans to spray bullets into a crowd standing just a short distance away on South Capitol Street SE, wanted an extra gun for the task. They believed Nelson had one. Nelson apparently resisted their efforts to rob him of his firearm and so was allegedly shot by the suspects.

CORRECTION: Due to errors by reporter Rend Smith, an earlier version of this post misstated the date of the shooting.