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Are you serious?! Good morning humans, yes, the Capitals lost last night.

I’m not big on sports, so this loss means about as much to me as the empty water bottles stacking up in my car. But the crowd at Union Pub last night was visibly depressed, as were some of my Twitter friends. Paul Tenorio tweeted: “Told the Caps lost, D.C. United Coach Curt Onalfo: ‘They lost?! Are you serious?! Are you serious?!”

This day in 1974, President Richard Nixon said he’d release transcripts of 46 taped White House conversations in response to a Watergate trial subpoena. Nixon once said, “I like the job I have, but if I had to live my life over again, I would like to have ended up a sports writer.” Looks like he would’ve been fucked either way.

Guess the Nationals are our only hope now, but who needs sports when T.I. is back?

Life as a student in Georgetown is about to become more of a pain in the ass than it already is–Burleith resident and professional photographer Steven R. Brown has started DrunkenGeorgetownStudents.com. The website, taken down by Brown’s server operator as of last night, is living in a temporary home. Brown intends on posting photographs of “drunken sots” and rowdy students on the website in hopes of curbing noise and late-night debauchery.

In this morning’s 12:25 a.m. post, Brown writes, “The hole keeps getting deeper and the nice part is watching you guys blowing your livers to dig it.”

Can’t even imagine the kind of shit Brown would flip if he lived by James Madison University. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, my old apartment complex at JMU, Ashby Crossing, would be littered with an array of red solo cups–and really, what’s more entertaining than watching drunk couples yelling in the middle of the parking lot at 2 a.m: “Did you sleep with him?!”

In other news, the D.C. Council is currently dealing with a $550 million budget gap–which may mean an income tax increase on the rich, and levies on parking and liquor. Guess the 20-somethings in the District may have to prolong the American baby stage. The tragedy, at least Dave Matthews had something going.

Go out and do something you’ve never done today–hug a dingo or live in a storefront window.

Photo by Augie Schwer. Creative Commons Attribution License.