A Good Time to Duck: Dig out that Spring flak jacket. There were were multiple shootings in the area this weekend.

Bus Driver Freed From Wreckage: In West Potomac Park, a charter bus cruising on Ohio Drive SW slammed head-on into another bus, which was parked, on April 30, at about 11 a.m. Both buses were empty except for their drivers. The driver of the moving bus “appears to have crossed onto the wrong side of Ohio Drive,” say park police.

The driver of the stationary bus had no life-threatening injuries. The other crash victim didn’t fare so well. “The operator of the other bus was tightly pinned in the wreckage, DC Fire Department crews used saws, prying tools, and hydraulic spreaders to remove large parts of the front of this bus to free the driver. This extrication took almost one hour,” according to park police.

Ben Stealer: A D.C. police listserv poster is warning yard-sale-throwers about a thief who happens to look like Ben Stiller (Believe it; the movie Greenberg stole ten bucks from me this weekend).

“Watch out for a guy who looked to me to be 30 something years old and kind of like Ben Stiller in Zoolander, dark hair, thin very chatty and riding a red scooter bike or mini motorcycle,” Lisa McGovern writes on May 2.

She says the Zoolander impersonator recently showed up at a yard sale she was having. He was friendly enough, chatting her up and buying something “nominal.” After the stranger looked at some”jewelry and pointed out the silver stuff saying I could get $60 or $70 for a pair of garnet stones [earrings] on ebay,” he moved on to the rummage sale of a neighbor.  Later, the slickster stopped by her sale again, then scooted to his scooter. She realized something was wrong too late.

“I went to pull those earrings out. They were gone. I said hey and he took off. My neighbor checked and she was missing a waterford piece too.” The poster says the thief claimed his family owned a D.C. jewelry store.

It Must Have Been an iPhone: On May 1, cops say, at about 12:45 p.m. in the 3400 block of 18th Street NE, a man was confronted by several juveniles who tried to snatch his cell. The man wouldn’t let go, so they punched him. He still refused to let go.  Cops showed up just in time and the crew scattered. One of the suspects was caught and identified by the victim, who seems to be one tough dude. “Nothing was taken from the victim and he refused treatment from the DC Fire Department and EMS Ambulance,” cops say.

Worst Neighbor On The Block: A man has been found guilty of gay-bashing his elderly neighbor in the 1200 block of Eaton Road SE. On April 28, Anthony Wright, 42, was convicted of bias-related simple assault and bias-related threats to do bodily harm.

Wright punched his gay neighbor on June 6, 2009, and then later, on August 27, 2009, threatened him with a knife.

But according to court documents, Wright had been torturing his 67-year-old victim for a long time before that, harassing him any chance he got. Even after Wright was arrested for the punch, which occurred right outside the victim’s apartment building, he wouldn’t let up: “Upon his release, Wright returned back to the apartment building and proclaimed to the people standing outside, including the victim, that ‘they don’t lock you up for hitting faggots.’ prosecutors say. “Wright continued to harass, belittle and abuse the victim, including calling him a ‘faggot’ every Sunday as the victim left for church.”