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Wakey Bakey! I say that both in morning greeting and in reference to today’s WaPo report that “Washingtonians’ fondness for weed is among the strongest in the country — and growing.” D.C. Council will vote today on legalizing medical marijuana. Many herbal aficionados interviewed for the article support the bill as a “steppingstone toward broader legalization,” although Capitol Hemp co-founder Adam Eidinger apparently isn’t one of them.

In other news: The Washington Times reports that supporters of charter schools may sue if Mayor Adrian Fenty doesn’t raise the city’s current per-pupil allocation. The Examiner opines about the silly Arizona boycott. The D.C. Court of Appeals considers gay marriage, according to AP. And Kennedy Center nabs a big $22.5 million donation, says WaPo.

Expect cooler breezes to break through this awful humidity. Gradually.