One of two St. Albans high school students arrested on National Cathedral grounds on April 7, following reports of a man wielding a gun, was arraigned in D.C. Superior Court today.

After three area schools were locked down,  Arya Mortazavi, 18, and an unnamed juvenile were taken into custody after a weapon was found in the back of a Jeep that Mortazavi had driven to school. That weapon turned to be a pellet rifle.

Recently submitted court documents provide a breakdown of the alleged events of that day. The court papers indicate that around 8 a.m. in the 3100 block of Wisconsin Avenue NW,  a woman dropping off her son at St. Albans said she spotted a white male holding a hunting rifle in some sort of shooting stance. The gunman was standing near a blue Jeep.

Figuring the male for a school shooter, the mom zipped off in her car, and located an individual whom she instructed to call 911. She then alerted a Cathedral security officer of the supposed crisis. The officer found Mortazavi’s Jeep and spied the weapon in the back seat.

Mortazavi and a juvenile friend who had traveled to school with him that morning were soon located and taken into custody. Mortazavi admitted to cops that the pellet gun was his, but also said it never left the back seat of his vehicle. Mortazavi faces charges for possession/transportation of  of a pellet gun. His next hearing is May 10.