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Canine Murder Mystery: On April 30, a family dog residing in the 5300 block of  B Street SE was fatally shot through the neck. The Humane Society reports that the dog, a four-year-old lab named Bear, was playing in the backyard when it was murdered. One of the dog’s family members heard the gunshot and rushed out to find the animal bleeding. The canine was transported to an animal hospital but was unable to survive the severity of its wound.

The society knows of no reports of  Bear being a nuisance, so the motive is unknown. A $1,000 reward is being offered for information relating to the killing. Anyone with info can contact  Humane Law Enforcement at 202-BE HUMANE.

Bad News Bear: Police in Frederick, Md., say a black bear cub they were tracking through various neighborhoods on  May 4 “disappeared” onto a farm as cops tried to figure out what to do with it, according to WaPo. The disappearance was extremely unfortunate as the cub wound up dead sometime later.

State police said they were notified at 12:23 a.m. Monday that the animal had been struck by a vehicle and killed on Route 340 near Ballenger Creek Pike.

Kitty Gets Cut: Investigating a report of a cat stabbing on May 5, a city humane law enforcement officer arrived at a residence in the 300 block of 50th Street NE There, a female resident  explained that the feline had come in bleeding. The officer observed ” an adult male orange domestic short hair cat with a small wound, about the size of a dime.” The humane society is investigating.

Mutt Not Mangled: Responding to a report of a mutilated dog in the 1000 block of Bladensburg Road NE on April 27,  an animal cop found a dog in the tall grass of a yard. The officer noticed that one of the dog’s eyes was half closed and that there were “numerous scars” on its head. The dog seemed dizzy and clumsy as it walked. The officer concluded that the dog wasn’t mutilated, but suffering from a neurological condition.

Pooch Possibly Poisoned: “I wanted to alert our neighbors that our dog was possibly poisoned last night,” writes  Hill East Listserv poster  Sheila Samaddar on May 4, ” the dog had shown no signs of any problems whatsoever and had previously been healthy, happy and active. But within an hour and a half the dog had taken a turn for the worse, she says. Suddenly he had an “inability to breathe well, swollen abdomen and profuse bleeding.”

Later, at a vet’s office, the bleeding worsened. The dog’s health continued to decline and the doctor was unable to save him. The vet asked if the dog had ingested any rat poison.

The poster has her suspicions as to who might have poisoned her pet: “My husband had been asked earlier in the day by 2 men walking by ‘where is that big dog of yours’ and is his[sic] still ‘around’?  He thought nothing of it at the time, but now wonders if they baited him and/or threw something into our yard.”

Photo by tipiro Creative Commons Attribution License