Southeast D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner  Sandra “SS” Seegars fired yet another volley Friday in her ongoing feud with the nonprofit Peaceoholics organization.

Seegars put out a press release demanding that the group, which aims to turn at-risk youths away from violence, be investigated for taking three teens wanted by authorities away on a recent Maryland retreat.

The teens, who were being sought for skipping out on a D.C. Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS) facility at the time, were later also picked up in connection with the murder of middle school principal Brian Betts.

For weeks, Seegars has been tangling with the Peaceoholics over the group’s construction of a transitional living facility for at-risk youths in Congress Heights. For their part, the Peaceoholics recently filed a lawsuit accusing Seegars of libel.

Seegars says the new revelations about the accused killers’ participation in Peaceoholics programming has only heightened neighborhood concerns about the group’s Congress Heights project.

“The government, Mayor, Ward 8 Councilmember and Department of Housing and Community Development are ignoring the complaints by the ANC Commissioners and the community,” writes Seegars in a statement. “In light of the recent incident, whereas, Ronald Moten, Peaceoholics, admitted that he allowed fugitives to participate in his program, under his direct supervision, without first getting a clearance on the alleged murderers of a school teacher. The immediate neighbors to 1300 Congress St., have grown more frighten of the mystery facility that is underway to open there by the negligent, untrained, hotheaded maverick.”

Yesterday, Peaceoholics co-founder Moten told City Desk that though the currently jailed teens had attended one of the group’s retreats, the organization had no idea DYRS and police were looking for the kids.