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While you scramble for left– and right-wing points on presumed Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, here is some justice-related news closer to the ground.

Gilbert Arenas finished his halfway house sentence on Friday. Just as predicted, he made everyone there a better basketball player:

On the court, he hasn’t played particularly hard and seemed worried about mixing it up too much, several residents said. But Dorsey, who said he often guarded him, said Arenas’s competitive drive flared up if he needed to score.And when another resident scored on him, that brought out the ribbing from all those watching.

” ‘Come on, Gilbert!’ ” Dorsey recalled them saying. ” ‘What are you doing? You’re supposed to be in the NBA.’ “

When he wasn’t playing basketball, Arenas mentored at New Beginnings. Less heartwarmingly, he has to ice one of his knees after games.

Arenas may like New Beginnings, but you know who doesn’t? WaPo‘s Colby King (surprise). King wrotes yet another column on the youth corrections facility, in his personal quest to see how much change one columnist, albeit one involved in drafting Home Rule, can create. King seems to be in on the joke this time: “What’s new in today’s column? That’s just it; there’s nothing new,” King writes.

AP profiles Ronald Machen, the District”s U.S. Attorney. With a title like “US Attorney: 1 foot in court, 1 in the streets,” the story is disappointingly low on new details. There is one interesting thing, though—Machen used to have a diamond stud in his ear.