NC8 NewsTalk scores one of the least exciting scoops we’ve heard in ages: Vincent Orange is planning on announcing his run for D.C. Council Chair on Wednesday. The former Ward-5 Councilmember was last seen losing big time in the Dem. primary race for mayor in 2006. He came in third fourth**. Orange is perhaps best known for his winning creativity such as handing out oranges, using the color orange for his campaign signs, and wearing a “5” pin at all times. He also likes to throw himself pricey parties that are perhaps now out-of-step with these lean times. In 2008, he threw himself a bash at Love. Of course, the invites were orange.

Speculation that Orange would jump into the Council chair race had circulated in the moments before the other Vincent announced he would make a mayoral run. In late April, Orange stepped down from his gig as a Pepco lobbyist. He also had to deal with this bit of controversy with the D.C. Democratic State Committee.

And Orange recently got into some trouble over the gay-marriage issue.

***Orange earned less than 3 percent of the vote in the 2006 mayoral primary. Marie Johns finished third with 8,501 votes. Orange got 3,075 votes.