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Alonte Suttton, 18, may have died from standing up to a bully.

Charging papers filed today at the arraignment of alleged gunman Omare Ishmael Cotton, aka “Spade,” 28, indicate the suspect and victim got into several fights prior to the murder.

A witness cited in the documents points to Cotton as the instigator. The witness says Cotton was angry with Sutton for denying him and his girlfriend a ride in his car.

Not satisfied with fisticuffs, Cotton went after his victim’s vehicle, the charging papers say. On May 7, the witness saw Cotton slash Sutton’s tires on two separate occasions. Following the slashings, Cotton pursued Sutton with a knife. But when Sutton flagged down a police car, Cotton slipped away. Sutton didn’t report the altercation to police.

The next day, court papers show, Sutton tried to change the tires Cotton had ruined. Cotton “appeared suddenly  in the block and approached the decedent and again began to assault the decedent,” according to the documents. Cotton then threatened to kill Sutton, indicating that he was angry with the young intern for getting him in trouble with police, as Cotton was on probation.

Following that incident, three witnesses say, a man loosely fitting Cotton’s description chased Sutton into a wooded area in the 200 block of Newcomb Street SE. A few minutes later, the man emerged from the area alone.

A day later, cops discovered Sutton’s bullet-ridden body.