Vampire Bird?:On May 7, animal control officers were summoned to a Georgetown home on 34th and Prospect Streets NW. They’d been called in to capture a bat. But when they searched the place, there was no fanged mammal to be found, only a chimney swift. The officers caught and released the bird.

Next Time, Leave the A.C. On: On May 6, a concerned citizen called the Humane Society to say a golden retriever had been locked in a Ford Taurus for over an hour.  A Humane Law Enforcement officer arrived in 400 block of R Street NW to discover the vehicle in question was parked in direct sunlight with its windows cracked only slightly. While the animal cop was checking things out, the owner of the dog showed up. The officer warned her of how dangerous it is to leave a dog in a vehicle during hot weather. The owner promised not to do it again.

This Place Comes with its Own Dog: Residents moved out of a single family home in the block of 55th Street SE but left their dog behind. The pit bull lived alone for about a week. The Humane Society petitioned the Department of Justice for a search warrant so that law enforcement could enter the dwelling and save the dog, which they did.

They Like the View: On May 5, an animal cop investigated a complaint that two small dogs were being kept out on a balcony of a condo on the 200 block of I Street SW. Everything was alright, though. The owner keeps the sliding door open.  

Source: Washington Humane Society

 Photo by jim mccullochCreative Commons Attribution License