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The exact circumstances of attorney Robert Wone‘s 2006 murder may forever remain a mystery. But U.S. Attorney Glen Kirschner says the cover-up is plain as day: “They did it for the family.”

Suspects Joe Price, Dylan Ward, and Victor Zaborsky, are charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and tampering with evidence in connection to Wone’s killing.

During opening arguments of the conspiracy trial on Monday, Kirschner described the three men as sharing a “powerful bond.”  Price, who Kirschner identified as the leader of the trio, was engaged in a “committed relationship” with both Ward and Zaborksy, the prosecutor says.  They considered themselves a family, he says.

 When Wone was found dead inside the mens’ Dupont Circle home, a choice had to be made, Kirschner says: Protect the family, or break up the family.

“The defendants really worked hard and fast to cover this up,” Kirschner says.

Attorneys defending the three men will present their opening arguments later today.

“There is absolutely no credible evidence that this was a random intruder,” says Kirschner, pointing out that a flatscreen TV, various cell phones, and the victim’s wallet were all untouched, making burglary seem an unlikely motive in the murder.

Kirschner also produced a large white bath towel, which the suspects had claimed to be using to staunch Wone’s bleeding wounds while paramedics arrived on the scene. The towel showed only a few specks of blood. “This was not a towel that was used to staunch three gaping torso wounds,” Kirschner says.