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A popular pub near Dupont Circle has been ordered to retrain its staff on security protocols after allegedly mishandling a March fracas to the chagrin of city regulators.

The city’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board on Wednesday frowned upon the managers of Lucky Bar, located at 1221 Connecticut Avenue NW, after no one thought to call the police until some fifteen minutes after the bloody brawl started.

The incident in question occurred on the night of March 19. Erin Mathieson, an investigator with the District’s Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA), happened to be monitoring the establishment when it all went down.

From her car, at about 10:45 p.m.,  Mathieson “observed an African-American man with shirt that read ‘STAFF’ on the back push a Caucasian male down the street and onto the ground. The African American male then walked away as the Caucasian male was on the ground,” according to ABRA documents. A security tape shows patrons cheering on the fight.

When the bounced patron got up, a mysterious man who exited Lucky Bar decided he hadn’t had enough.  A “Latino male in a red shirt then began to fight with the Caucasian male. These two men continued to fight and made their way to the island that is in the middle of the street, ” ABRA records show. The male in the red shirt beat the patron until he fell to the ground. Then he walked away. Still game, the patron chased after the man in the red shirt and the two began to fight again. When police showed up, the man in the red shirt fled.

The patron, identified as Daniel Meechin, refused medical treatment, despite being covered in blood. “Investigator Mathieson observed a large amount of blood on the clothing of Mr. Meechin, as well as several spots of blood on the pavement in the surrounding area,” according to ABRA. The bouncer who threw Meechin out is identified as Darrell Gordon. Gordon was reportedly fired for his role in the violence even though he contended the incident wasn’t his fault. He threw Meechin out for cutting in line and then Meechin punched him in the face. Mathieson concluded that he was only telling half the story. Security footage shows Gordon shoving Meechin unnecessarily after he’s escorted him out. This eventually prompts Meechin to pop him.

If it seems like the bar’s security should have noticed all this, well, they did. Security footage spots security staff watching, not intervening or calling 911.

ABC Board Chairman Charles Brodsky says it’s understandable that this kind of thing happens. “You put men and women in a dark place with booze, things are going to happen,” he said at Wednesday’s hearing. But, he said, Lucky Bar’s failure to reach out to police and EMS worries him.

This isn’t the first time a bouncer from Lucky Bar has been caught-up in excessive violence. According to ABRA documents, in 2006, a doorman at the venue threw a rock and caused a contusion on a patron’s head.