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Maybe it’s too early to write off seeing LeBron James in a Wizards uniform. But the salutatorian of this year’s NBA free-agent class, Chris Bosh, surely ain’t coming to D.C.

Bosh just named the five squads he’ll play for, and ours wasn’t among ’em. AP reports the all-star forward will only go to “the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat or New York Knicks should he decide not to re-sign with Toronto.”

So why would Bosh so quickly dismiss DC? Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the rebuilding process taking place under a lovable and vibrant new owner with all that freed-up Jamison/Butler/Haywood cash and the halfway freed-up Gilbert Arenas, and with John Wall being delivered via the lottery?

Maybe this is why: Bosh’s ex-girlfriend lives here.

Back when it was all peachy between her and Bosh, Allison Mathis used to shout mean things at LeBron from a courtside seat to support her man during Cleveland/Toronto games. Then their love went away but their love child didn’t, and she went after Bosh litigationally for abandoning both her and their baby.

The ugliness got aired in courts in Maryland, where Mathis lives, and in Bosh’s native Texas.

According to Mathis’ filing in Montgomery County, Md.: “By late September 2008, several utility companies were threatening to disconnect essential services – electricity, gas and water, to the home in which she was living. With her first baby on the way in just a few months, the father of her child, who was earning, upon information and belief, over One Million Dollars per month at that time, left her with no money, no housing security, no transportation, and no way to pay for pre-natal care.”

At last check, a Dallas court was deciding how much child support Bosh was going to pay.

(Mathis, the daughter of political columnist/TV pundit Deborah Mathis, first appeared on our basketball radar in 1998, when her teenage dalliances with classmate and future NBA’er Damien Wilkins resulted in the dissolution of the nationally ranked prep hoops program at St. John’s Prospect Hall.)

Can’t blame Bosh for not wanting to be hit with heckles like “No way to pay for pre-natal care!” while he’s on the free throw line.

Come to think of it: The way Mathis goes after James in that video clip, knowing she’s in town might be enough to keep LeBron away, too.