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Prosecutors continued to play video of alleged murder cover-up suspect Joe Price‘s police interrogation video on Tuesday morning, up to 118 minutes of the footage and counting.

Price, along with his two housemates and lovers, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward, stand accused of tampering with evidence and deceiving authorities in connection to the August 2006 murder of lawyer Robert Wone.

“Was Robert drinking with y’all that night?” asks one of Price’s interrogators, Det. Milton Norris, in the potion of the video played this morning. Price, who occasionally takes a swig of a nearby soda or fiddles with the bottle, answers no: Though the trio drank most of a bottle of wine that night, Wone hadn’t had a drop, he says. The cop also wants to know why Wone, who died of stab wounds when he spent the night at Price’s 1509 Swann Street NW residence following a late night meeting he had in the District, was there in the first place. Wone is said to have asked to stay the night with Price, who was an old college buddy, to avoid travel.

 “Why didn’t Rob just…Why didn’t Rob just go home?” the investigator asks. Though Wone did have a meeting at 2025 M Street NW, and lived in Oakton, Virginia, his commute would have probably been reasonable, somewhere around 25 minutes.

After asking a few more questions, Milton, a large man with a shaved head who occasionally points at Price with a pen he’s using to take notes, starts needling Price about Wone’s sexuality, a subject that had come up earlier. Wone was reportedly heterosexual and happily married. Milton seems to suspect otherwise. Price bristles: “He’s[Robert’s] not even close to being gay.” Price also calls the the detective’s questions “inappropriate”.

“Do you like him?” Milton asks Price a few ticks later.

Using a desk to lean on is left elbow, his left leg crossed, Price explains that he was never into Wone: “I don’t find Robert physically attractive,” says Price. When Milton asks whether fellow suspect Ward was ever attracted to Wone, Price switches his crossed legs, leans on his right elbow, and seems irritated. Price denies any such attraction. When pressed as to how he knows this, Price says, “I know Robert was not his cup of tea.”

When Milton asks if maybe Zaborsky was attracted to Wone, Price switches back to the left elbow elbow and left leg and answers in the negative.