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A former Georgetown basketball player whose name won’t appear anywhere in this blog post except in the photo because he has in the past sued a lot of people who have typed it (present company included), is running for Congress in Tennessee.

It’s not a standard campaign. Here’s a snippet of his pitch for supporters, via Deadspin:

I will show how the NCAA sided with Georgetown University and just allowed them to violate the law and no help came for [REDACTED], this is something that needs to be haulted and the NCAA needs to put under Federal Investigation for violating the laws. I do not why the entire world scared to death of Georgetown University, and faggot as John Thompson and those bitches he say know how to play ball. Ask Alonzo Mourning, do he still got run and tell Coach Thompson after he got scared to fight, before the first big east game at the morning breakfast. What I say when Alonzo got scared to go against Shaq, and Chico told somebody on the floor, I can’t guard him (Sam Cassell) florida state. I bunch of punks, I said that faggot gone now let’s get a national championship. I went around and shook everybody hand and took my college. That faggot just would not let me start, I aint no back up. That what police need. You talked that shit and got scared outside the breakfast area. You need the faggot cop to help you and you a 6’10” bitch like faggot as John “The Trick” Thompson…

But you wouldn’t expect “standard” from a guy who’s got stuff like this on his resume.

Vox Populi, a GU site, has more details, including portions of another story I wrote about the imperfect candidate years ago. Golly, I hope that doesn’t get me sued again.